We found 20 actual water levels for 'Berry Creek'.


Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
Above B.c. Hydro Intake Cranberry Creek 2436.5 cm 2.6 m³/s
Near Rose Lynn Berry Creek 68.1 cm
Near Sundre Bearberry Creek 238.8 cm 3.27 m³/s
Near The Mouth Berry Creek 93.7 cm 0.99 m³/s
Near The Mouth Strawberry Creek 33.7 cm 2.16 m³/s
Near The Mouth Raspberry Creek 40.1 cm 0.08 m³/s
Reservoir Near Sunnynook Berry Creek 72907.5 cm
Reservoir Outlet Berry Creek 86.2 cm 0.2 m³/s


Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
Jones Mulberry Creek 0.149896 ft 309.934 cfs
Montgomery Blackberry Creek 3.929112 ft 64.599 cfs
Near Fall Creek Fall Creek Blw Winberry Creek, 1.579648 ft 127.786 cfs
Near Georgetown Berry Creek 9.257472 ft 3.883 cfs
Near Greenwater Huckleberry Creek 37.760344 ft 70.6 cfs
Near Honesdale Dyberry Creek 3.369216 ft 346.999 cfs
Near Jadwin Reservoir Dyberry Creek 988.926888 ft
Near Lowell Winberry Creek 1.189656 ft 102.017 cfs
Near Salina Mulberry Creek 4.648744 ft 3.53 cfs
Near Trego Center 9wsw Hackberry Creek 6.998208 ft
Tanners Falls Near Dyberry Dyberry Creek 2.879184 ft 232.98 cfs
Yorkville Blackberry Creek 4.018984 ft 59.304 cfs