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Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
Bluebell Naas Canal Supply Stream 30.5 cm
Carrownagower Cong Canal 280.7 cm
Cregaree Cong Canal 200.2 cm
Milford Lock Canal 237.7 cm
Victoria Lock Canal 215.2 cm






Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
Le Prese Canale Industriale 96888.4 cm 0.27 m³/s
Sugiez Canal De La Broye 42942 cm -22.74 m³/s


Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
湖口1-2 Irrigation Canal 446.3 cm


Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
40-Mile Bend To Monroe Tamiami Canal Outlets 8.767768 ft 285.93 cfs
Above All-American Canal Diversion Coachella Canal 9.037712 ft 448.663 cfs
Above Belle Fourche Reservoir Inlet Canal 3.989136 ft 7.06 cfs
Above Rochester Erie Canal delayed
Above S-71 Nr Lakeport Harney Pond Canal 18.73536 ft 95.31 cfs
Above S-72 Nr Okeechobee Indian Prairie Canal 19.844984 ft 46.949 cfs
Above Wasteway Nr Winterhaven Yuma Main Canal 14.666192 ft 766.716 cfs
Ab Pump Sta Nr Okeechobee Indian Prairie Canal 19.754784 ft 48.714 cfs
Abv Little Dam Nr Schurz Canal No 2 1.219832 ft 13.414 cfs
Abv S-80 Nr Stuart St Lucie Canal 12.456784 ft 425.718 cfs
Abv West Weir Nr Clewiston West Feeder Canal 16.085776 ft 15.885 cfs
Below Drop 2 Reservoir Outlet All-American Canal 43.049016 ft 4108.214 cfs
Below S-12-C, Nearmiami, Fla Tamiami Canal 10.41728 ft 311.699 cfs
Below S-3 North New Canal 100.874104 ft 300.756 cfs
Below S351 Nr South Bay Fla Hillsboro Canal 10.117488 ft 286.989 cfs
Benjamin Road Near Tampa Henry Street Canal delayed
Blind Near Gramercy Airline Canal 1.309704 ft
Bl S70 Nr Lakeport Harney Pond Canal 2.4 Miles 18.73536 ft 268.986 cfs
Blw Div W Walker Rvr Nr Topaz Topaz Canal 0.859688 ft 176.853 cfs
Blw Little Dam Nr Schurz Canal No 1 2.879184 ft 19.062 cfs
Blw Pc17a Nr Clewiston North Feeder Canal 13.886536 ft -7.413 cfs
Blw S-308, Nr Port Mayaca (Aux) St Lucie Canal 13.896376 ft 513.615 cfs
Blw Topaz Lake Nr Topaz, Ca Topaz Canal 9.177768 ft 262.985 cfs
Capers Ridge Nr Hardin Luce Bayou Itp Canal 102.663672 ft
Cape Sable Raulerson Brothers Canal 0.479864 ft 96.016 cfs
Chesapeake City Chesapeake And Delaware Canal 2.539376 ft
Chicago (Western Ave) Chicago Sanitary And Ship Canal -1.949632 ft
Clewiston Industrial Canal 16.285856 ft 115.078 cfs
Clyde Clyde (Erie Canal) 13.43652 ft 3088.75 cfs
Cochiti Cochiti East Side Main Canal 4.038992 ft 69.188 cfs
Cochiti Sile Main Canal (At Head) 2.689272 ft 28.946 cfs
Control Near Estero Tenmile Canal 5.808552 ft 12.708 cfs
Cross Lake Nr Jordan Seneca R (Barge Canal) 11.497056 ft
Crystal Saragassa Canal 0.329968 ft 16.944 cfs
Diversion, Nr Dupuyer Birch Cr Main Canal 0.999744 ft
Diversion Pt Nr. Menard Noyes Canal 0.549728 ft
East Chicago (Lake Michigan Outlet) Indiana Harbor Canal 9.747504 ft -553.857 cfs
East Of Sorrento New Canal 1.579648 ft 377.71 cfs
East Of Us1 Nr Goulds Black Creek Canal 1.599656 ft 48.714 cfs
E Of Leeville Southwestern Louisiana Canal 4.059 ft
Gaston Wapato Canal At Pump House, 5.348696 ft
Gillespie Dam Enterprise Canal 1.76956 ft 9.178 cfs
Havasu Nwr Near Needles, Ca Firebreak Canal 4.328944 ft 84.014 cfs
Highway 97, Near Midland North Canal 7.39804 ft -17.65 cfs
Highway 97, Near Worden Ady Canal 10.067304 ft 6.001 cfs
Hwy 44 Near Gonzales Amite Basin At Panama Canal 2.469512 ft
Imperial Dam, Az-Ca Gila Gravity Main Canal 17.325616 ft 998.637 cfs
Lake Harbor Miami Canal 10.487472 ft 1389.408 cfs
Lemont Chicago Sanitary And Ship Canal 25.62336 ft
Lockport Mississippi Delta Basin At Company Canal At Hwy 1 1.469768 ft
Lockport Lock (Tailwater) Chicago Sanitary And Ship Canal 539.121792 ft
Markham Calumet Union Drainage Canal 2.369472 ft 6.354 cfs
Minster Miami And Erie Canal 4.258752 ft
Moiliili, Oahu Manoa-Palolo Drainage Canal 0.749808 ft 5.648 cfs
Moncks Corner Lake Moultrie Tailrace Canal 7.558104 ft 12194.738 cfs
Monroe To Carnestown, Fla Tamiami Canal Outlets 4.448992 ft 43.419 cfs
Moore Haven Caloosahatchee Canal Dws Of S-77 11.017192 ft 2318.857 cfs
Near Alva Townsend Canal 1.789568 ft -39.889 cfs
Near Astatula Apopka-Beauclair Canal 62.06416 ft
Near Astatula Apopka-Beauclair Canal Bl Dam 62.974032 ft
Near Babb Saint Mary Canal 1.889608 ft 389.712 cfs
Near Blythe Palo Verde Canal 34.381288 ft 1379.524 cfs
Near Blythe Pvid F-Canal Spill 10.907312 ft 30.005 cfs
Near Blythe Pvid C Canal Spill 10.867296 ft 51.538 cfs
Near Brighton C-41 Canal 24.89356 ft 114.019 cfs
Near Browning Badger Creek Below Four Horns Canal 4.89868 ft 241.805 cfs
Near Browning North Fork Milk Above St Mary Canal 2.039504 ft 12.002 cfs
Near Bushnell Jumper Creek Canal 60.024656 ft 12.355 cfs
Near Caernarvon Delacroix Canal 4.908848 ft
Near Canal Point Levee 8 Canal 14.246352 ft 81.19 cfs
Near Clewiston L-28 Interceptor Canal Blw S-190 12.166832 ft 8.825 cfs
Near Clewiston Three Mile Canal Below G409 11.217272 ft -6.707 cfs
Near Clewiston L-28 Canal Above S-140 10.40744 ft 27.887 cfs
Near Columbus Loup Power Canal 10.957168 ft
Near Coral Gables Tamiami Canal 3.079264 ft 135.905 cfs
Near Desert Beach Coachella Canal 20.284832 ft 417.952 cfs
Near Dundee South Side Canal 6.068328 ft
Near Florence Florence-Casa Grande Canal, 3.84908 ft 452.899 cfs
Near Fort Sumner Fort Sumner Main Canal 4.838656 ft 68.835 cfs
Near Genoa Loup Power Canal 5.248656 ft 1289.509 cfs
Near Hardin Agency Canal Tailwaste 1.97948 ft 1.059 cfs
Near Klamath Agency Fourmile Canal 40.82944 ft 56.48 cfs
Near Krotz Springs State Canal 15.246096 ft
Near Labelle Goodno Canal Below S-78 7.368192 ft 23.651 cfs
Near Lebanon Lebanon Santiam Canal 2.529208 ft 156.026 cfs
Near Logan, Utah Cache Highline Canal 2.459344 ft
Near Macedon Lock 30 Erie Canal 1.989648 ft
Near Mckenna Centralia Power Canal 12.856616 ft 330.761 cfs
Near Micco Fellsmere Canal 2.659424 ft 34.594 cfs
Near Mims Haulover Canal 1.739712 ft -665.758 cfs
Near Myakka City Big Slough Canal 26.55324 ft
Near Niland Coachella Canal 14.236512 ft 446.898 cfs
Near Oklahoma City Lake Hefner Canal 5.778376 ft 54.715 cfs
Near Parker Crir Main Canal 61.254328 ft 942.51 cfs
Near Penn Near Dade Broward Levee N.w. Wellfield Canal 5.878416 ft -0.706 cfs
Near Port St Joe Iww East Of Gulf Co Canal 1.129632 ft 151.084 cfs
Near Port St Joe Iww West Of Gulf Co Canal 1.279528 ft 1869.135 cfs
Near Raymond Root Canal 3.079264 ft 54.009 cfs
Near Ruth Ruth Canal 8.467976 ft 443.721 cfs
Near Seabrook Bridge Inner Harbor Navigational Canal 0.220088 ft
Near Squirrel Fall (Wy-Id) Above Yellowstone Canal 5.818392 ft 858.496 cfs
Near Sun Pearl Above Navigational Canal #3 11.686968 ft
Near Tampa Delaney Creek Popoff Canal 7.238304 ft 1.412 cfs
Near Vero Beach North Canal 3.289184 ft 8.119 cfs
Near Vero Beach South Canal 3.099272 ft 37.418 cfs
Near Wahneta Peace Creek Drainage Canal 39.9996 ft 18.356 cfs
Near Wahoo Jumper Creek Canal 46.497936 ft 16.238 cfs
Near Waterflow Hogback Canal 4.318776 ft 305.698 cfs
Near Winterhaven Ypsilanti Canal 1.34972 ft 59.304 cfs
Near Worden Ady Canal Above Lower Klamath Nwr, 10.257216 ft 28.593 cfs
Near Yuma Wellton-Mohawk Main Canal 6.44848 ft 413.716 cfs
Near Yuma North Gila Main Canal No. 2 2.1894 ft 26.122 cfs
Near Yuma Unit B Canal 7.538096 ft 83.308 cfs
Near Yuma North Gila Main Canal Wasteway 1.319544 ft 2.118 cfs
Near Yuma Mcas Diversion Of B Canal 1.639672 ft 1.059 cfs
Near Yuma South Gila Main Canal 13.826512 ft 109.783 cfs
Near Yuma North Gila Main Canal 3.02908 ft 52.244 cfs
Near Yuma Levee Canal Wasteway 1.159808 ft
Near Yuma, Az Titsink Canal 0.769816 ft
Near Yuma, Az Reservation Main Canal 69.302136 ft 1.765 cfs
Near Yuma, Az Yaqui Canal 2.329456 ft 0.706 cfs
Near Yuma, Az Pontiac Canal 2.159552 ft 5.295 cfs
Nebraska-Kansas Stateline Courtland Canal 1.109624 ft 312.758 cfs
North End Of Near Long Mott Gbra Calhoun Canal 15.375984 ft 74.483 cfs
North Miami C-8 Canal At Ne 135 St 0.369984 ft
Nr Byron Victoria Canal 13.43652 ft -647.755 cfs
Nr Calhoun City Topashaw Creek Canal 15.246096 ft
Nr Coopertown,fl L-67c Canal Dns Of S-152 Flowway 7.058232 ft
Nr Coopertown,fl L-67c Canal Ups Of S-152 Flowway 7.148104 ft
Nr Coopertown,fl L-67c Canal Dns Of S-633 Flowway 7.008048 ft
Nr Coopertown,fl L-67c Canal Ups Of S-633 Flowway 7.128096 ft
Nr Dayton Cwa Canal 3.01924 ft 1009.58 cfs
Nr Delaware City C And D Canal 2.359304 ft 41582.694 cfs
Nr Hazen Truckee Canal 4.518856 ft 1.059 cfs
Nr Highland City Banana-Hancock Canal 2.669264 ft 7.06 cfs
Nr Imperial Dam, Ca-Az All-American Canal 21.324592 ft 7666.807 cfs
Nr Mesquite, Nv Mesquite Canal 15.166064 ft 10.943 cfs
Nr Miami Tamiami Canal East End 2.6 Mile Bridge 6.988368 ft 276.046 cfs
Nr Miami Tamiami Canal West End 1 Mile Bridge 6.9782 ft 108.018 cfs
Nr Miami Tamiami Canal East End 1 Mile Bridge 6.988368 ft -427.836 cfs
Nr Miami Tamiami Canal West End 2.6 Mile Bridge 6.908336 ft 508.673 cfs
Nr Redwood Big Sunflower Diversion Canal 84.188416 ft
Nr Somerton Cocopah Diversion From West Main Canal 0.979736 ft
Nr Vineland 401 Canal 12.856616 ft
Nr Wadsworth Truckee Canal 1.25952 ft 72.012 cfs
Nr Yuma South Gila Terminal Canal Wasteway
Old Cutler Rd Nr Gou 10b Black Cr Canal 0.490032 ft
Orangeburg Sunnyside Canal 0.509712 ft
Port Mercer Delaware And Raritan Canal 127.786 cfs
Romeoville Chicago Sanitary And Ship Canal 25.223528 ft
S-103a Near Vineland Cypress Creek Canal 92.256232 ft
S-10-D Nr Deerfield Bch. Hillsboro Canal 12.656864 ft
S-11-A Nr Andytown N. New Canal 9.937416 ft
S-11-B Nr Andytown N. New Canal 9.927576 ft
S-11-C Nr Andytown N. New Canal 9.947584 ft
S-12-A, Nr Miami Tamiami Canal 10.397272 ft
S-12-B Nr Miami Tamiami Canal 10.397272 ft
S-12-D Near Miami Tamiami Canal 10.52716 ft 415.834 cfs
S-152 Nr Coopertown L-67a Canal 9.627456 ft
S-18-C Near Florida City Canal 111 2.799152 ft 117.902 cfs
S-355a Near Miami Tamiami Canal 8.307912 ft
S-355b Near Miami Tamiami Canal 8.297744 ft
S-551, Near Oldsmar Lake Tarpon Canal 11.316984 ft
S-6 Near Shawano Hillsboro Canal 10.397272 ft 41.301 cfs
Salt Barrier Near Lockport Mississippi Delta Basin At Company Canal 2.019496 ft
Sand Gate Div Ft Sumner Canal 3.479096 ft 5.295 cfs
Siphon Drop P.p. Near Yuma Yuma Main Canal 15.266104 ft 848.612 cfs
Stickney Chicago Sanitary And Ship Canal -2.009328 ft
St Mary Crossing Saint Mary Canal Near Babb 0.83968 ft 375.945 cfs
Sw 202nd St Nr Goulds Sw 122 Ave Canal 0.699952 ft
Sw 208th St Nr Goulds Sw 122 Ave Canal 0.689784 ft
Trident Pier Tide Gauge (In Mhhw) Canaveral Barge Canal -1.199824 ft
Upper Near Augusta Augusta Canal 6.908336 ft 1869.135 cfs
Vero Beach Main Canal 8.927832 ft 12.355 cfs
West Of 127 Ave Nr Goulds Black Creek Canal 1.87944 ft
West Of U.s. 1 Near Goulds Black Creek Canal 1.599656 ft -11.649 cfs
Yuma Yuma Main Canal Blw Colorado R. Siphon 11.027032 ft 764.598 cfs
Yuma, Az Yuma Main Canal Wasteway 14.67636 ft
Yuma-Mesa Pumping Plant Gila Gravity Canal 16.805736 ft 399.949 cfs