We found 234 actual water levels for 'Drain'.


Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
Fairyhill Drain 45 cm


Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
Near Atwood Boyle Drain 466.7 cm
Near Dominion City Main Drain 23541.2 cm 0.01 m³/s
Near Grande Prairie Kleskun Hills Main Drain 35.2 cm
Near Sewell Kronsgart Drain delayed
Near Stuartburn Vita Drain 692.8 cm 0.13 m³/s


Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
七股溪橋 Drainage -9 cm
五甲教養院旁箱涵橋 Drainage 1491 cm
五空橋 Drainage 29 cm
仁德滯洪北池 Drainage 155 cm
仁德滯洪南池 Drainage 176 cm
八老爺排水出口內水位 Drainage 266 cm
八老爺排水出口外水位 Drainage 212 cm
八老爺橋 Drainage 555.1 cm
八角亭排水一 Drainage 586.4 cm
八角亭排水二 Drainage 1263.11 cm
劉厝橋 Drainage 35 cm
北新大橋 Drainage 2721 cm
北辰橋 Drainage 30 cm
北門橋 Drainage 70 cm
十三份排水一 Drainage 4623.6 cm
十份橋 Drainage 8 cm
南筏子頭橋 Drainage 37 cm
喜樹抽水站 Drainage 8 cm
城西橋 Drainage 37 cm
埔尾橋 Drainage 16 cm
埤頭橋 Drainage 22 cm
大甲橋 Drainage 5 cm
大義崙排水一 Drainage 1574.1 cm
大義崙排水二 Drainage 2095.6 cm
大腳腿水閘門內水位 Drainage 909.1 cm
大腳腿水閘門外水位 Drainage 913 cm
天保厝橋 Drainage 102.5 cm
學甲15號水門 Drainage -29 cm
宅港橋 Drainage 33 cm
安平運河 Drainage -1 cm
安清城南路口 Drainage 38 cm
客仔厝排水三 Drainage 1102.4 cm
客仔厝排水二 Drainage 880.9 cm
尖山排水一 Drainage -6.8 cm
尖山排水四 Drainage -11.4 cm
帝溪橋 Drainage 786 cm
延潭排水一 Drainage 938.9 cm
延潭排水三 Drainage 1646.7 cm
延潭排水二 Drainage 1287.8 cm
後港排水無名橋 Drainage 19 cm
德安橋 Drainage -3 cm
怡安培安路口 Drainage 10 cm
文化站 Drainage
新市橋 Drainage 464 cm
新文橋 Drainage 471 cm
新東橋 Drainage 1172.2 cm
新田寮排水分洪水門內水位 Drainage 21.5 cm
新田寮排水分洪水門外水位 Drainage 71.4 cm
新虎尾溪一 Drainage 12.5 cm
新虎尾溪七 Drainage 3405.3 cm
新虎尾溪三 Drainage 605.9 cm
新虎尾溪二 Drainage -10 cm
新虎尾溪五 Drainage 1876.9 cm
新虎尾溪四 Drainage 860.2 cm
新街排水一 Drainage 91.6 cm
新街排水三 Drainage 395.9 cm
新街排水二 Drainage 368.2 cm
新豐1號橋 Drainage 1505.3 cm
施厝寮排水一 Drainage 109.9 cm
施厝寮排水三 Drainage 474.2 cm
施厝寮排水二 Drainage 100.05 cm
施厝寮排水五 Drainage 1147.5 cm
施厝寮排水四 Drainage 890.9 cm
曾文溪排水無名橋 Drainage 27 cm
有才寮排水七 Drainage 1671.2 cm
有才寮排水三 Drainage 183.1 cm
有才寮排水四 Drainage 522.73 cm
林厝寮排水二 Drainage -98.69 cm
橋頭港橋 Drainage 132 cm
民生橋 Drainage 2722 cm
永康排水出水口 Drainage 80 cm
永康排水分洪口 Drainage 165 cm
永康排水分洪閘門 Drainage 22 cm
洋子下橋 Drainage 91 cm
海尾滯洪池 Drainage 22 cm
海西抽水站旁箱涵橋 Drainage 33 cm
渡子頭橋 Drainage 159 cm
港尾溝台86線下橋 Drainage 565 cm
港尾溝溪分洪匯流口 Drainage 389.5 cm
港尾溝溪分洪口 Drainage 513.9 cm
港尾溝溪水門內水位 Drainage 32 cm
港尾溝溪水門外水位 Drainage 33 cm
湳仔排水一 Drainage 1429.93 cm
湳仔排水三 Drainage 2038.7 cm
溪州橋 Drainage 6 cm
濱海橋 Drainage 16 cm
灣裡抽水站水門 Drainage 19 cm
灣裡橋 Drainage 747 cm
牛挑灣溪排水三 Drainage -237.18 cm
牛挑灣溪排水四 Drainage 11 cm
牛稠橋 Drainage 710 cm
番寮橋 Drainage -9 cm
真理橋 Drainage 8 cm
穗芳橋 Drainage 722 cm
竹圍後橋 Drainage 760.3 cm
箍寮橋 Drainage
箔子寮排水一 Drainage -111.4 cm
網寮橋 Drainage 413 cm
羊稠厝排水一 Drainage -0.9 cm
羊稠厝排水三 Drainage -18.3 cm
羊稠厝排水二 Drainage -1.3 cm
美豐橋 Drainage 35 cm
舊庄大排一 Drainage 1088.3 cm
舊營橋 Drainage 147 cm
舊虎尾溪排水七 Drainage 909.39 cm
舊虎尾溪排水三 Drainage 57.93 cm
舊虎尾溪排水五 Drainage 420.2 cm
舊虎尾溪排水八 Drainage 1287.14 cm
舊虎尾溪排水四 Drainage 171.7 cm
茄芳橋 Drainage -13 cm
菁寮橋 Drainage 962.2 cm
華宗橋 Drainage 14 cm
萬代橋 Drainage 140 cm
萬興大排一 Drainage -54.8 cm
蔦松排水一 Drainage -264.36 cm
蔦松排水二 Drainage -44.6 cm
蔦松排水四 Drainage 11.3 cm
蘇厝橋 Drainage 514 cm
豬母溝大排一 Drainage 3147.7 cm
青鯤鯓漁港 Drainage 4.5 cm
頂寮橋 Drainage 1406 cm
頂洲橋 Drainage -19 cm
顯宮橋 Drainage 13 cm
飛砂大排一 Drainage 7.6 cm
馬公厝排水一 Drainage -107.32 cm
馬公厝排水七 Drainage 952.4 cm
馬公厝排水三 Drainage 92.83 cm
馬公厝排水五 Drainage 281.75 cm
馬公厝排水四 Drainage 253.4 cm
魚寮橋 Drainage 1104.8 cm
鯤江橋 Drainage 38 cm
鯽潭橋 Drainage 249 cm
鹽水溪橋 Drainage 21 cm
龍山漁港 Drainage 18 cm
龜子港排水出口內水位 Drainage 155 cm
龜子港排水出口外水位 Drainage 92 cm


Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
Albq. San Jose Drain At Woodward Rd
Bismarck Drain On Wachter Ave 25.733568 ft
Blw Tyson Ww, Nr Ehrenberg Crir Lwr Main Drain 16.265848 ft 157.085 cfs
Boca Chica Hwy, Brownsville N Main Drain 17.145544 ft
Cr2350e Nr Topeka Mason Tazewell Drainage D 14.98632 ft 89.309 cfs
Dewey Lake St Nr Glenwood Osborn Drain 2.719448 ft 14.826 cfs
Eagle Eagle Drain 10.917152 ft 10.943 cfs
Granger Granger Drain 2.169392 ft 35.653 cfs
Jewell Mud Lake Drainage Ditch 71 (North Central Ia) 80.549256 ft
Lugert Lugert Drainage Ditch 0.20008 ft
Manzano St, Brownsville N Main Drain 15.326128 ft 0.353 cfs
Markham Calumet Union Drainage Canal 2.369472 ft 6.354 cfs
Middleton South Middleton Drain 1.24968 ft 25.416 cfs
Mill Slough Middleton N. Middleton Drain 4.928856 ft 36.359 cfs
Moiliili, Oahu Manoa-Palolo Drainage Canal 0.749808 ft 5.648 cfs
Near Durbin William Locke Drain 7.358024 ft 35.3 cfs
Near Hovey Bayou Drain 22.304328 ft
Near Magna Utah Goggin Drain 8.587696 ft 1179.373 cfs
Near Offutt Afb Offutt Ditch (Bellevue Drain) 3.719192 ft
Near Parker Palo Verde Drain 10.797104 ft 14.12 cfs
Near Security B Ditch Drain 2.889352 ft
Near Wahneta Peace Creek Drainage Canal 39.9996 ft 18.356 cfs
Near Widefield Clover Ditch Drain 3.469256 ft 5.648 cfs
Near Winterhaven Drain 8-B 2.38948 ft 10.59 cfs
Near Worden Klamath Straits Drain 6.03848 ft -6.001 cfs
Near Yuma Gila Drain No. 1 4.139032 ft 4.942 cfs
Near Yuma, Az Reservation Main Drain No. 4 1.469768 ft 58.245 cfs
Nr Courtland Toe Drain A Liberty Island 4.968872 ft 1009.58 cfs
Nr Markleeville Leviathan Mine Adit Drain 9.727496 ft
Nr Shertz Randolph Afb East Drain 0.92988 ft
Nr Shertz Randolph Afb West Drain 5.048576 ft
Nr Sparks N Truckee Drain Nr Big Fish Dr 2.29928 ft 3.177 cfs
Nr Twin Lakes, Wi-Il Elizabeth Lake Drain 793.8666 ft
Nr Wilder Dixie Drain delayed
Nr Yuma Wellton-Mohawk Main Outlet Drain 55.425768 ft 99.193 cfs
Ostos Rd, Brownsville North Main Drain 0.509712 ft
Quinn St Nr Widefield Clover Ditch Drain 4.99872 ft 0.706 cfs
Sh 4, Brownsville Old Main Drain No 2 1.859432 ft 1.059 cfs
Spanish Springs Road North Truckee Drain 1.289696 ft 3.177 cfs
Trenton Frank And Poet Drain At King Rd 3.619152 ft 39.889 cfs


Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
Baltmoor Wall Saltmoor Barrier Stage 52158 Saltmoor Main Drain 376.2 cm
Bentley Ings Screen Stage L0962 Maod Fowler Bridge Drain 259.2 cm
Beverley Waterside Pumping Station Stage L3207 Maod Beverley And Barmston Drain -39.9 cm
Billingborough Ousemere Stage E4483 South Forty Foot Drain 13.1 cm
Bradney Stage E9531 Kings Sedgemoor Drain 172.7 cm
Bransholme Great Culvert Pumping Station Downstream Stage L3243 Maod Holderness Drain -109.2 cm
Bransholme Great Culvert Pumping Station Stage L3243 Maod Holderness Drain -178.2 cm
Brewery Grill Stage E13463 Maod Oxlease Drain 1700 cm
Burstwick Hall Road Bridge Stage F3316 Maod Burstwick Drain 52.2 cm
Catcliffe Drain Stage L0313 Maod Catcliffe Drain 2597.3 cm
Cowbridge Stage E10170 Maud Foster Stonebridge Drain 76.9 cm
Craven Arms Stage 2547 Field Drain 29.2 cm
Currymoor Pumping Station Stage 52127 Maod Currymoor Drain 415.8 cm
Donington Bridge Stage E1662 South Forty Foot Drain 61.3 cm
Dowsby Fen Stage E47061 South Forty Foot Drain 64.2 cm
Dunball Stage E9094 Kings Sedgemoor Drain 175 cm
East Hull Hedon Road Stage L3241 Maod Holderness Drain -139.3 cm
Hayes Basin Stage 2830 Field Drain 96.8 cm
Hedon Thorn Road Bridge Stage L3313 Maod Burstwick Drain 39.6 cm
Hedon Westlands Drain 1 L3314 Maod Burstwick Drain 30.1 cm
Hempholme Pumping Station Roam Drain Stage L3112 Maod Roam Drain -42.6 cm
Hessle Downstream Stage L3211 Fleet Drain 61.9 cm
Hessle Stage L3211 Fleet Drain 64.9 cm
Hessle Western Drain Stage L32014-Ne Western Drain 8.3 cm
Huish Episcopi Pumping Station Stage 52152 Longload Main Drain 102.7 cm
Hull Hessle Astral Close Stage L3213 Western Drain 33.2 cm
Hull High Flaggs, Lincoln Street Stage L3230 Maod Beverley And Barmston Drain -114.5 cm
Lissett New Bridge Stage L3010 Maod Barmston Main Drain 187.7 cm
Long Load 1 52156 Witcombe Bottom Main Drain 664.2 cm
Midelney Stage 52154 West Moor Drain 71.8 cm
Newark Balderton Stage 4690 Lowfield Drain 41 cm
New York Stage E4413 West Fen Catchwater Drain 91.3 cm
North Drain Stage 52213 Maod North Drain 168.2 cm
Northmoor Drain Stage 52159 Maod Northmoor Main Drain 298.4 cm
Northmoor Pumping Station Sump Level 52145 Northmoor Main Drain 204.8 cm
Patrington Haven Outstrays Stage L3340 Maod Winestead Drain 47 cm
Revesby Stage E4976 West Fen Catchwater Drain 103.1 cm
Salt End Stage L3311 Maod Burstwick Drain 36.4 cm
Sibsey Stage E4992 Maud Foster Stonebridge Drain 54.3 cm
Skeffling Pumping Station Stage L3350 Maod Skeffling Drain 73.3 cm
Stone Creek Downstream Stage L3331 Maod Keyingham Drain 5.8 cm
Stone Creek Stage L3331 Maod Keyingham Drain 2.2 cm
Swaton Stage E4485 South Forty Foot Drain 24.1 cm
Thorngumbald Pumping Station Stage L3330 Maod Thorngumbald Drain 28.7 cm
Tickton Pumping Station Downstream Stage L3246 Maod Holderness Drain -141.1 cm
Tickton Pumping Station Stage L3246 Maod Holderness Drain -138.5 cm
Webbs Hole Sluice Stage E21968 Swavesey Drain 94.1 cm
Welches Dam Stage E62201 Maod Counter Drain 106.8 cm
West Sedgemoor Pumping Station Sump Level 52155 West Sedgemoor Drain 426.6 cm
Wilfholme Pumping Station Stage L3231 Maod Beverley And Barmston Drain -72.1 cm
Winestead Booster Pumping Station Downstream Stage L3341 Maod Winestead Drain 63.5 cm
Winestead Booster Pumping Station Stage L3341 Maod Winestead Drain -0.7 cm