We found 89 actual water levels for 'Spring'.


Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
Oranmore Bridge Spring 41.3 cm


Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
Near Eden Mills Blue Springs Creek 195.7 cm 1.3 m³/s
Near Watson Ironspring Creek 141.4 cm 1 m³/s


Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
Above Big Springs Big Springs 1.269688 ft 134.846 cfs
Above Colquitt Spring Creek 7.948096 ft 75.895 cfs
Above Tankersley Spring Creek (Concho Basin) 3.568968 ft 127.786 cfs
Abv Pennington Ck Nr Mill Creek Spring Creek 5.548448 ft
Abv Twin Buttes Res Nr San Angelo Spring Ck 0.909872 ft
Below Diversion Nr Mackay Warm Springs Creek 9.417536 ft 39.536 cfs
Below Lebanon Spring Creek 1.579648 ft 44.125 cfs
Bennett Spring State Park Bennett Spring 1.759392 ft
Blue Springs Near Madison (In Navd88) Blue Spring 62.234064 ft
Bybee St, Portland Crystal Springs Creek 0.659936 ft 10.237 cfs
Carthage Spring 3.069096 ft 110.842 cfs
Cold Spring Harbor Cold Spring Brook 0.20992 ft 3.177 cfs
Ct Highway M Near Waunakee Dorn (Spring) Creek 10.427448 ft 4.942 cfs
Ct Highway Q Nr Waunakee Dorn (Spring) Creek 0.3198 ft 4.589 cfs
Dam Lower Crystal Springs Reservoir 277.94884 ft
E Of Whites City Blue Spring 6 Miles 4.038992 ft 12.002 cfs
Gates Rd Nr Ketchum Warm Springs Cr 9.527416 ft 164.851 cfs
Georgetown Royal Springs 0.129888 ft 58.245 cfs
Hardy Spring 3.149128 ft 628.693 cfs
Holke Rd In Independence Spring Branch Ck 7.50792 ft 0.353 cfs
Hot Springs Hot Springs Cr Ds Of Grand Ave 0.10004 ft 7.06 cfs
Houserville Spring Creek 4.288928 ft 216.742 cfs
Hwy 112 Nr Springdale Spring Creek 10.447456 ft 50.126 cfs
Hwy 36 Abita At Abita Springs 9.487728 ft
Imboden Spring 3.789056 ft 799.545 cfs
Indian Trail Road Cahaba Valley Creek Indian Springs 3.938952 ft 10.237 cfs
Interstate 30 Sulphur Near Dalby Springs 8.42796 ft 6057.48 cfs
Kuykendahl Rd, The Woodlands Spring Ck 109.66188 ft 133.081 cfs
Lodi Spring Creek 3.399064 ft
Milesburg Spring Creek 4.06884 ft 555.622 cfs
Naperville (87th Street) Spring Brook 3.189144 ft 10.59 cfs
Near Anaconda Warm Springs Creek 2.259264 ft 72.365 cfs
Near Axemann Spring Creek 2.549216 ft 300.756 cfs
Near Baxter Springs Spring 3.43908 ft 795.662 cfs
Near Bedford Spring Brook 12.156992 ft 7.766 cfs
Near Berkeley Springs Tributary To Warm Springs Run 44.36856 ft
Near Berkeley Springs Warm Springs Run 2.17956 ft 11.649 cfs
Near Blountsville Blue Springs Creek 2.999232 ft 9.531 cfs
Near Blue Springs Blue Springs Reservoir 801.904568 ft
Near Bonita Springs Spring Creek Headwater 6.298256 ft 6.707 cfs
Near Carthage 9nw North Fork Spring 3.3292 ft 106.959 cfs
Near Chilly Thousand Springs Creek 6.958192 ft 18.356 cfs
Near Chino Valley Del Rio Springs 1.209664 ft
Near Culver Crooked Below Opal Springs, 2.069352 ft 2528.892 cfs
Near Dayton Outfall 1 Channel Nr Springfield St 3.75888 ft 0.353 cfs
Near Fort Hall Spring Creek (Eastern Id) 4.388968 ft 307.816 cfs
Near Greer Greer Spring 0.759648 ft
Near Haley Spring Creek 22.8042 ft 1.059 cfs
Near Hill City Spring Creek 3.528952 ft
Near Iron City (Cr 16) Spring Creek 14.506128 ft 3058.745 cfs
Near Kahneeta Hot Springs Warm Springs 1.019752 ft 637.871 cfs
Near Ketchum Warm Springs Creek 10.3074 ft 170.852 cfs
Near Kimberly Devils Washbowl Spring 1.469768 ft 8.472 cfs
Near Larussell Spring 1.379568 ft 105.9 cfs
Near Leary Spring Creek 1.419584 ft 69.188 cfs
Near Mason City Us 65 Spring Creek (North Central Ia) 81.259048 ft
Near Mylin Corners Big Spring Run 3.679176 ft 3.883 cfs
Near Overton Spring Creek 2.469512 ft
Near Powder Springs Powder Springs Creek 1.689528 ft 16.591 cfs
Near Quapaw Spring 6.308424 ft 723.65 cfs
Near Reynoldsville St Park (Sr 253) Spring Creek delayed
Near Rockerville Spring Creek 4.718936 ft 25.416 cfs
Near South West City, Mo Cave Springs Branch 4.388968 ft 4.236 cfs
Near Spring Spring Creek 74.650832 ft 277.811 cfs
Near Tuba City Pasture Canyon Springs 2.209408 ft 0.353 cfs
Near Waco Spring 1.919456 ft 310.993 cfs
Nr Irvine Agua Chinon Wash A Portola Springs Rd 7.667984 ft
Nr Lake Mead Red Rock Springs Outflow delayed
Nr Murrieta Warm Springs C 3.838912 ft 5.295 cfs
Orillia Springbrook Creek 19.115184 ft 5.295 cfs
Outflow Above Denay Creek Near Eureka Tonkin Spring 0.52972 ft 1.765 cfs
Rambadt Road Near Centreville Spring Creek 1.629504 ft 29.299 cfs
Rapid City Cleghorn Springs 2.69944 ft 12.708 cfs
R&b Trading Post Big Spring Creek Near Lewistown 3.778888 ft 206.858 cfs
Saddle South Fork Spring 2.209408 ft 98.134 cfs
Sh 242 Nr Splendora Spring Branch 97.644944 ft
Springdale Spring Creek At Sanders Ave 5.568456 ft 0.353 cfs
Springfield Spring Creek 2.70928 ft 85.426 cfs
Stahl Spring Creek 1.929624 ft
Taft Hill In Ford Collins Spring Creek 0.30996 ft
Tomball Spring Creek 139.394424 ft 30.711 cfs
Trexlertown Spring Creek 3.319032 ft 80.131 cfs
Warm Springs Warm Springs Creek 3.309192 ft 60.716 cfs
Zap Spring Creek 4.978712 ft 18.709 cfs


Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
Downham Lane Stage 4327th Spring Brook -2763.4 cm
Weston Turville Stage 1922th Wendover Springs 39.2 cm