We found 99 actual water levels for 'Stream'.


Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
Los Antiguos - Los Antiguos Stream A38 34 cm



Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
Above Drum Lake Pumphouse Stream 75102.7 cm 0.1 m³/s
Above Dumbell Lake Dumbell Stream 93.7 cm 0.04 m³/s
At Cavendish Farm Barbara Weit Stream 96.1 cm 0.43 m³/s
At Coldstream Becaguimec Stream delayed
At Coldstream Creek Road Coldstream Creek 435.5 cm 0.5 m³/s
At Sandwith's Farm Middle Branch Nashwaaksis Stream 77.3 cm 0.79 m³/s
At Tracey Mills Big Presque Isle Stream 127.4 cm 63 m³/s
Below Forest City Dam Forest City Stream 13171 cm 31.2 m³/s
Below Old Camp Creek Goldstream River 148.8 cm 15.8 m³/s
Near St. Stephen Dennis Stream 226.3 cm 11 m³/s
Near Temperance Vale Nackawic Stream 137.7 cm 21.9 m³/s
Near Trans Canada Highway Shogomoc Stream 120.6 cm 21.1 m³/s


Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
Canton Ponkapoag Brk Upstream Rt 138 17.765464 ft 8.472 cfs
Denver Weir Gulch Upstream From 1st Ave. 8.577856 ft 10.237 cfs
Near Everglades City Upstream Broad 1.089616 ft 118.961 cfs
Near Fairbanks Goldstream Creek 19.325104 ft
Near Flamingo North Upstream Of Cutoff 0.289952 ft 321.936 cfs
Near Fort Drum S-253 Weir Upstream 23.33392 ft
Near Ft Ogden Prairie Creek Upstream Of Sr 31 8.617872 ft 10.943 cfs
Near Homestead Upstream Taylor 0.71996 ft 11.296 cfs


Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
Aylesford Stream Stage E4412 Old Mill Stream 96.6 cm
Bagnor Stage 2264th Winterbourne Stream 24.9 cm
Bell Lane Grill Stage E8730 Maod Winterbourne Stream 495 cm
Black Bull Road Stage 1285so Pent Stream 10.5 cm
Bolingey Cocks Bridge Stage 48110 Bolingey Stream 42.5 cm
Bonehurst Bridge Stage 3235th Burstow Stream 204 cm
Borough Bridge Weir Stage E12551 Candover Stream 39.6 cm
Borough Grove Stage 2438so Maod Petersfield Stream 5920.6 cm
Bosham Moreton Road Stage E11090 Bosham Stream 32.1 cm
Brownwich Pond Stage 2512so Maod Brownwich Stream 108.5 cm
Budleigh Salterton Station Road Stage E84049 Knowle Stream 13.3 cm
Caker Stream Downstream Stage 3015th Caker Stream 14 cm
Caker Stream Stage 3015th Caker Stream 19.7 cm
Cold Harbour Stage 1675th Hinksey Stream 92.6 cm
Colindale Downstream Stage 3829th Silk Stream -11.8 cm
Colindale Stage 3829th Silk Stream 13.6 cm
Cullompton Langlands Stage 45192 Crow Green Stream 10 cm
Driffield Stage F3193 Driffield Trout Stream 57.7 cm
Edgware Hospital Stage 3826th Silk Stream 63.4 cm
Egypt Mill Stage 2275 Nailsworth Stream 52.8 cm
Fishlake Stage E13480 Fishlake Stream 58.7 cm
Gatwick Link Stage 3229th Gatwick Stream 17.7 cm
Harbertonford Yeolands Stage E71983 Yeolands Stream 3.1 cm
Havant Stage E11310 Maod Hermitage Stream 524.3 cm
Hendal Bridge Stage E714 Eridge Stream Tributary Medway 28.9 cm
Hinksey Lake (Temporary) Stage 1674th Hinksey Stream 66 cm
Honiton Stage 45215 Glen Stream 19.9 cm
Ilfracombe Hele Witheridge Place Stage E84249 Hele Stream 55.9 cm
Kenwith Castle Stage 50193 Kenwith Stream 34.5 cm
Kings Somborne Stage 2598so Maod Somborne Stream 3357.5 cm
Landkey Newland Tanners Road Stage E84069 Halford Stream 33.4 cm
Litton Cheney Stage 44112 Litton Cheney Stream 23.8 cm
Maidenbower Stage 3223th Gatwick Stream 84.9 cm
Mevagissey 2 48191 Mevagissey Stream 10 cm
Mevagissey Stage 48191 Mevagissey Stream 17.1 cm
Milford Bridge Stage E14320 Maod Danes Stream 99 cm
Minns Estate Stage 1635th Seacourt Stream 163.6 cm
Motcombe Stage 433114 Motcombe Stream 14.2 cm
New Botley Stage 1645th Bulstake Stream 149.8 cm
New Valley Road Stage E14250 Danes Stream 7.5 cm
Parsons Street Stage 51112 Hawkcombe Stream -1.7 cm
Peeks Brook Lane Stage 3232th Burstow Stream 113.7 cm
Penberth Stage 48173 Penberth Stream 43 cm
Penryn Trelawney Park Downstream Stage 48143 Praze Stream -1299.6 cm
Penzance Tesco Stage 48189 Ponsandane Stream 34.9 cm
Perrancoombe Stage 48121 Perrancombe Stream 46.9 cm
Port Isaac Stage 49170 Coastal Stream 15.7 cm
Ringwood Old Cottage Stage 431117 Maod Bickerly Mill Stream 108.5 cm
Rockbeare Bridge Stage E81979 Ford Stream 47.1 cm
Rose In Vale Stage 48107 Perrancombe Stream 39.7 cm
Salfords Bridge Stage 3247th Salfords Stream 70.8 cm
Sampford Brett Stage 51110 Doniford Stream 17.1 cm
Scrasebridge Stage E8350 Salfords Stream 18 cm
Send Stage 3075th East Clandon Stream 83.1 cm
Sewards Bridge Stage E12781 Cheriton Stream 40.9 cm
St Blazey Station Road Stage 48190 St Blazey Stream 12.1 cm
Stogumber Escott Lane Stage 51129 Doniford Stream 22.4 cm
Swill Bridge Stage 51106 Doniford Stream 45.2 cm
Three Bridges Stage 3225th Gatwick Stream 61.1 cm
Tiverton Parkway Stage 45182 Spratford Stream 31.2 cm
Trowbridge Southwick Stage 531185 Lambrok Stream 19.8 cm
Upper Elmers End Stage 4335th St James Stream 33.2 cm
Williton Stage 51111 Monksilver Stream 27.3 cm
Winchester Road Stage 2440so Maod Petersfield Stream 6471.7 cm
Woking South Stage 3087th Hoe Stream 47.4 cm
Wycombe Hugh Downstream Stage 2569th Hughenden Stream 11.8 cm
Wycombe Hugh Stage 2569th Hughenden Stream 18.9 cm