We found 24 actual water levels for 'Williams'.


Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
96th Street On The Hamilton-Marion County Line Williams Creek 3.818904 ft 45.184 cfs
Alamo Lake Bill Williams 1123.47216 ft 16.238 cfs
Austin Williamson Creek At Manchaca Road 1.989648 ft
Below Chiloquin Williamson 4.008816 ft 913.564 cfs
Below Steelman Creek Williams Fork 2.719448 ft 32.829 cfs
Below Williams Fork Reservoir Williams Fork 2.769304 ft 389.712 cfs
Brush Cntry Blvd, Oak Hill Williamson Ck 1.599656 ft
Davisboro Williamson Swamp Creek 2.829328 ft 48.714 cfs
Dyer Williams 1.799408 ft 129.904 cfs
Jimmy Clay Road Near Austin 6se Williamson Creek 4.908848 ft
Near Klamath Agency Williamson 0.609752 ft
Near Leal Williams Fork 2.48952 ft 222.743 cfs
Near Leal Williams Fork Above Darling Creek, 4.628736 ft 81.896 cfs
Near Leal South Fork Of Williams Fork 2.329456 ft 62.834 cfs
Near Manitou Springs Williams Canyon Abv Mouth 3.679176 ft 0.353 cfs
Near Okeechobee Williamson Ditch 18.265336 ft 0.706 cfs
Near Parker Bill Williams delayed
Near Parshall Williams Fork 2.129376 ft 399.949 cfs
Near Paulden Williamson Valley Wash 1.759392 ft
Near Peerless Park Williams Creek 4.418816 ft 76.248 cfs
Near Rockingham Williams 2.48952 ft 67.07 cfs
Oak Hill Williamson Creek 1.749552 ft
Phair Near Presque Isle Williams Brook 1.419584 ft 1.765 cfs
Us 421 Williams Old Mill Branch 5.148616 ft